submissions to underscore_magazine are CLOSED. we expect to reopen in september.

what we're looking for: works related to the concept of the city, whatever that means to you. we're looking for your stories about city life, your odes to your favorite subway lines, your portraits of a skyscraper on fire. we're also looking for works set in cities, real or fictional, that engage with the general concept of city life and all it entails.

we embrace any and all genres, and works that span multiple genres. if you're not sure what to call your city story, we want to read it.

format and length: we currently read non_fiction, fiction, and poetry. please make sure your work is (mostly) error-free and in a pdf file. font and formatting are up to you.

for non_fiction and fiction, please submit up to 5,000 words. 

for poetry, please submit up to 5 poems, with page breaks in between poems.

technical stuff: we welcome simultaneous submissions. however, please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. we'll congratulate you!

we do not accept previously published work. by previously published work, we mean published by other mags, presses, etc. work you've put on your blog or social media is totally fine.