Your Non-Accent First Appears In Ditmas Park 

Jenkin Benson

how to survive your first 

week in brooklyn   (and maybe 

manhattan if you ever sublimate 

your fear of rotting porpoises) 

don’t wield walls 

   don’t hold bridges 

piss on a taxi as it accelerates 

into scaffolding 

you order bacon at a kosher 

bagel spot  the cashier wipes 

the idiocy from your brow 

   “we can still egg it up 

for you”   you will never 

chew charity   humidity like 

this again   midatlantic cheese 

metastasizes so gatherly 

contort right on dekalb   you fall 

through an alchemical gyre drawn 

with slices of mortadella and rat 

whiskers   how did you misfare into 

the fuckin’ guggenheim from clinton hill 

   did you leak through the morraine 

      did you respawn as an innsbruckian 

tourist   camille corot leers from the wall 

he oracles   “you understand nothing 

of pure diarrhea, but by god, you will 

understand”   an accurate beatitude 

the taxi’s mango vapor does not cure you 

4am   august 13th’s carrion continues to 

yowl outside the gyro huts   37 minutes from 

laguardia a gimlet’d porsche panamera 

attempts to sacrifice you or 

your cab driver   or the uplent both 

“that must have opened up your inner eye” 

i do not know what that means 

i know the all of what that means

Jenkin Benson is a 2nd year PhD student at the University of Notre Dame. He principally studies the creative interchange between Welsh and Irish modernists. You can find links to his poetry here: